1. Egypt (Non-EXCLUSIVE)


Mr. A. El Halaby

P: +202 3354688
P: +202 7609022
E: ahmed.elhalaby@fatcoegypt.com

4. Scandinavia

Scanteco APS

Mr. J. Bjorn

P: +45 44 985 155
E: jens@scanteco.dk
W: www.scanteco.dk

7. Turkey (non-exclusive)

Aras Group

Mr. H. Kaymak

P: +90 212 629 0433
W: www.arasgrup.com.tr


UV Services

Mrs. J. Tourovskaya

P: +7 495 626 2278
E: j.tourovskaya@uvservice.ru
W: www.uvservice.ru


3. Japan

Correns Corporation

Mr. Kenichi Nakamura

P: +81 3 5114 0836
E: ken-ichi.nakamura@correns.co.jp
W: www.correns.co.jp


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