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General contact

Madern International B.V.

Headquarters of the Madern Group &
Engraving department

P.O. 326
NL-3130 AH  Vlaardingen
The Netherlands

P: +31 (0)10 248 54 60
F: +31 (0)10 248 99 20

KvK Rotterdam 24221070  


Visiting address

Madern International B.V.

Vikingbank 1

3133 KX Vlaardingen
The Netherlands

Opening hours:
Monday till Friday
07.45 - 17.00 h.

Office closed on:
Friday 19th of April 2019, Good Friday
Monday 22nd of April 2019, second day of Easter 
Thursday 30th of May 2019, Ascension day
Friday 31st of May 2019, day after Ascension day
Monday 10th of June 2019, second day of Pentecost
Monday 23rd of December 2019
Tuesday 24th of December 2019
Friday 27th of December 2019
Monday 30th of December 2019
Tuesday 31st of December 2019




Contact departments

Global service and support
W. Jonckheer

Sales manager
M. Brakelé

Engraving department
R. Wachter

Human Resources
E. Franken

J. Speijer

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