Die Roll Services

Weidenmiller's Uniformity engraved die rolls continually provide dependable production applications. Our technical expertise assures each die cavity is dimensionally accurate. 
Weidenmiller's extensive expertise in die roll repair, re-engraving, recoating and repocketing saves you money in lieu of purchasing a new die roll. From minor refurbishing to major rework, our team will expedite your die roll to keep your downtime to a minimum.


Services For Rotary Cutters, Rotary Molders and Candy Rolls
>Professional graphic designers
>Drawings, layouts and sample die plates for R&D
>2D and 3D Modeling/Prototypes
>Expedited design changes

>Technical and engineering support
>Volume calculations for throughput analysis
>Finite element analysis to solve breakage issues

>Repairs for both brass and plastic dies
>Repocketing for plastic inserts
>FDA compliant release coatings

>Rotary Molder knife blanks stocked for expedited deliveries
>Rubber rolls, new and recoated
>Service for all makes and models

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