Evers International

For more than 40 years the brand name Evers is recognized as a leading manufacture of rotary tools, equipment and machinery for the production of liquid packaging. Worldwide more than a 100 printing and converting lines produced by Evers since the 50’s of the last century are still in use and appreciated for their reliability and flexibility. In 2005 Evers became a member of the Madern group with the aim to merge technological knowledge and craftsmanship to become one of the largest single source suppliers of rotary die solutions for the liquid packaging industry. 

Work environment

Evers machines are highly appreciated for their long lasting reliability. Therefore Evers International maintains a database with drawings and records of all produced machines and tools in order to identify specific parts. In addition they manufacture and maintain a large inventory of common die-segments and OEM spare- and die parts for all existing and new Evers machinery.The standardization of Evers segments allow quick deliveries and competitive pricing. 

Evers engineering in cooperation with the Madern R&D department offers tailor-made solutions to meet specific customer requirements, such as Retro-fit solutions to upgrade existing equipment (timing belt conversions and register control systems) and Field service to ensure they keep running strong. And the development of new generations of Evers rotary die cutters and tooling, such as adjustable quick change stripping units.  


The Evers International facility in Pennsauken (U.S.A.) consists out of the following departments:

  • ISO certified machine park
  • Engineering
  • Field service and support for new and existing Evers products
  • Inventory of segments and machine parts for new and existing Evers products 

Markets we serve

Evers International manufactures Evers rotary converting tools and machines which meet the challenge of cutting and creasing millions of cartons everyday for the following industries:

  • Liquid gable top packaging industry
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