Madern International

Madern was established in 1954 as a family company for flat and relief engraving techniques. In addition Madern developed itself as a manufacturer of high-end tooling such as: molds, extrusion dies and cutting cylinders for the label-, liquid- and tobacco industry. Eventually Madern became a global leader in manufacturing of rotary converting tooling and solutions for the cardboard packaging industry. The Madern rotary dies and machines meet the challenge of high speed cutting, perforation, creasing and embossing of millions of cartons every day. 

The Madern Group consists out of 5 locations worldwide, of which Madern International in Vlaardingen (The Netherlands) is the head office. With 200 engineers, manufacturers and service staff The Madern Group supplies and supports customers present in the three major time zones.

Work environment

Madern is the leading company for special engravings for all kind of industries and manufacturer of rotary converting tools and solutions for the cardboard packaging industry. Madern strives for perfection and innovation, to endure improvement in quality and efficiency at all levels. Their goal is to strengthen the existing market share and search for opportunities in new applications and industries. 

The construction of the new 10.000 m2 Madern International head office and production facility in Vlaardingen (The Netherlands) is an important mile stone in the history of Madern. This ultra modern engraving and machining facility with 140 employees, is the solid foundation of Madern's corporate growth. Madern International offers various activities and manufacturing capabilities under one roof. From  conventional and CNC capabilities for turning and milling of dies up to 5000 kg. Grinding of tools with a diameter of 900 mm and a length of 3 meters. Spark and wire erosion, engraving, copy milling, laser processing, printing, and PVD coating, all with ISO 9001 certification. 

The R&D and production department of Madern International develops and realizes unique solutions for all customers engraving and rotary converting requirements. Madern supplies custom-made products in every sense of the word. 


The head office Madern International in Vlaardingen (The Netherlands) consists out of the following departments:

  • ISO certified machine park
  • Engraving facility
  • Engineering
  • Research and development
  • Global sales
  • Global service
  • Administration 

Markets we serve

Madern International is the right partner for all rotary converting solutions for the following global cardboard packaging industries:

  • Tobacco packaging industry
  • Liquid packaging industry
  • General folding cartons - packaging industry
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