General folding packaging

Madern is your partner in developing your General Folding Packaging solutions

– The experience Madern has gained in manufacturing rotary tooling is enormous. It is not without a reason that Madern has a Worldwide reputation in the field of rotary tooling. Especially for general folding packaging our experience is developing at a rapid pace. This is closely related to the rapidly growing demand for cardboard packaging instead of plastics.

Big range of applications

The applications are endless and divided in 3 categories.

  • Food (such as pizza boxes and french frie cartons)
  • Feed (all kinds of packaging for pet foods)
  • Non-food (such as packaging for pharmaceuticals and courier envelopes)

Supplier of complete converting solutions

At Madern we have the ability to supply the complete Converting Solution including Rotary Die-Cutters for any given web-width between 650 – 1650 mm web-width.

Madern cutting-, creasing- and embossing tools stand for flawless and trouble-free start-up, high productivity and low failure costs. Furthermore Madern rotary tools stand for and are characterized by their enormous required accuracy. So that you get the best results aesthetically and based on dimensional accuracy.

We are at your service with all your converting issues

Together with our customers we have been able to develop and engineer our solutions to address the latest market demands. We also optimize the converting process to increase operations down the value stream, whether that may be sealing, filling, packing or otherwise.

Are you interested in how we can help you to develop general folding packaging solutions, please feel free to continue reading on our website and/or contact our experts.

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