rotary molding

-Solid bronze, plastic inserts and sectional (rings) die rolls
-Professionally designed shapes for 2D and 3D cookies, base cakes, hard sweets and inclusions
-Concept drawings, layouts, sample die plates and test rings
-Test rings may be installed on your production roll for R&D purposes
-FDA compliant coatings for dough release solutions
-Minor to major repairs, re-engraving and recoating services for all OEM’s

Weidenmiller utilizes state of the art technology to create custom Rotary Molding die rolls from 8” to 13.375” diameter and up to 72” face width. We engrave our molding dies to particular depths and shapes to fit each design pattern unique to the customer’s request. Cookies, base cakes, hard sweets and inclusions are just some of the many products produced by the Rotary Molding die roll.

Plastic inserts

Peek, Acetal, Ertalyte.

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Solid brass

Design of new products and rotary molds to any line or machine

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Core and Rings

Multiple ring sections can be incorporated with different combinations of die impressions to be combined into a single die

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